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You are calm and collected by day. You have to be. But secretly deep down you long to be the one without the final word.

You're lucky you have found me little sub. I will put you in your well deserved place- and for this you will thank me. 

My preferred perversions are a slight-of-hand blend of tease and denial, verbal humiliation, bondage, corporal punishment, psychic subterfuge, Goddess worship and toying with the unknown. 

Roleplay is my passion. I love engineering an immersive world filled with twists and surprises whether I'm your devious secretary, humiliating life coach, a more than curious therapist or my provocative namesake. I am always open to new experiences and it would be my absolute pleasure to leave you with a few lingering secrets.  

Mais si je t'aime, si je t'aime, prends garde à toi!


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Mistress carmen

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    4 Review for "mistress CARMEN"

    • Reviewed by Os

      The moment she entered the room and called me a pussy i fell in love with her, once i removed her shoes and saw her extremely beautiful feet i was in heaven , I didn't notice the time while i am under her feet , she is beautiful ,smart,strict foot godess , i cant wait to go back to New York and have the honor of worshipping her feet again.

    • Reviewed by Mark

      one gaze into Mistress Carmen's eyes and you will tell you deepest darkest secrets. She is then the best at using that against you and pushes limits way past where I thought I could go. She is very creative and keeps you coming back for more. She takes control of the session instantly and doesn't let you forget who is in charge. I love to endure the humiliation and pain- all for her amusement.

    • Reviewed by Jackie.

      Incredible. Elegant, creative, intuitive and whip smart. "Là pas d’espérance, Nul orietur. Science avec patience, Le supplice est sur"

    • Reviewed by John

      Absolutely amazing session. She hit EVERY button on my list ! Can't say enough about how good she is. BEST ever....


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