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    8 1/2
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  • Ethnic Background:

    Native American
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Mistress Caroline is the epitome of a Queen. She comes from a long Ancestry of strong, dominate Women.

Caroline is here to reign over your entire existence. Don't be fooled by her captivating

smile. Caroline dishes out harsh punishment to those who serve her.

You’d be a privileged to worship Mistress Caroline’s golden brown body, if given the chance. Her

feet and body worship rituals are your reward for being in Her presence. Her skin is like creamy,

smooth caramel and Her feet, soft and delicious. You will serve Her in any way She pleases as

She is always in need of good slaves to live out Her royal fantasies.

Caroline has been spanking little boys since She was in grade school. She is never afraid to

administer the proper discipline and training to even the naughtiest little boy, especially in public.

In the study, She will instruct you on the proper male conduct. Experience the comforts of Caroline’s

warm lap and the sting of Her heavy hand as she spanks your bottom for your own good,

and her delight, of course.

Join Caroline in the medical room as She takes over your body one inch at a time. With the

precision of a surgeon, she will gently administer the proper treatment for naughty boys just like

you. You are always in good hands under Her attentive care and control. Caroline offers a

deep spiritual cleansing necessary for the dirtiest boy. Enjoy a good tongue thrashing as Caroline

degrades you in the most humiliating way. Come with your fantasies and live them out under

Her rule. Caroline performs all acts of Female Domination!


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Mistress caroline

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