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Miss Kimmi Crisis is an animal lover and NY Professional Dog Trainer.

Have a naughty habit that you want Miss Kimmi to coax away?

Are you in need of potty training?

Maybe you're a little rough around the edges and you need some gentle smoothing over (or some grinding down)?

Do you find yourself eating out of the garbage, jumping up on the table, or begging for scraps from smarter, worthier beings?

Miss Kimmi will train you out of these naughty habits in the way that is the most pleasurable — and often painful — for you possible. 

Skillfully trained in positive reward training methods, Miss Kimmi uses treats, affection, and toys to reward good behavior and gently corrects or ignores unwanted behaviors. 

She is also a believer in stricter methods of discipline for correcting unwanted behaviors, if deserving. Utilizing prong and shock collars, muzzles, and scare tactics, she is not afraid to raise her hand and smack a bad dog in the mouth (or give it a good thrashing with a cane, should the need arise).

Miss Kimmi is highly skilled in the art of hypnosis through touch. Within minutes, she will put you under her spell and have you doing her bidding. This method is highly affective for training naughty dogs with the most deep-seated bad habits, who just can't seem to learn to be good. 

Miss Kimmi is also studying to be a Sexy Nurse. Her other services include: AB/DL, Foot Slave Training, C&B, FinDom, 24/7, Golden Showers, and Sissy-Training. 

Let Kimmi dress you up like the good little princess you are!

Miss Kimmi is strictly a BDSM professional and will not undress during sessions, under any circumstances.


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