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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lexx Vaudeville, lifelong Alpha and femme fatale. Classically trained intellectual, intense disciplinarian, temptress in leather boots.

Are you a desperately naughty little thing?

Do you need to be humbled by a powerful force of nature?

Perhaps you have a passion for the unusual, but you need a strong, intelligent woman to make you surrender to your fantasies...

Well, it appears you've finally found the coveted jewel you seek.


I am the paragon of your dreams. I answer to Mistress Lexx, Mother Lexx or Madam Lexx. You may also call me Sir, Ma'am or Your Grace, if the mood strikes you. Your reverence must be implied in the way you address me.

Does my feminine allure entice you? Of course it does. You're fascinated.  I understand your desire to please. But, if you find you are drawn to my magnetism tread carefully. I am a dangerous siren.

I love to be adored. My pleasure would indeed be your privilege. Although I am here for you, I am not at your service, nor am I your playmate. You are here to suit my whim. I can be difficult to please, so expect that you may disappoint. Still, I am a benevolent superior. If you do not live up to the challenge today, you will have another chance to prove your worth tomorrow.

Boredom is unacceptable to me. You must avoid being dull in my presence. I will not feign interest if you lose my attention. Do not despair, however. If you fail to entertain me or arouse my anger you may be able to win back my favor by bringing discrete, non-personal gifts (i.e. shoes, boots, corsets, clothing, spa treatments, etc). I like nice things & may even want to forgive you, so buy my approval if you can.

Lastly, (be sure to remember this) I am not always forgiving to those who exhaust my patience. Let this warning resonate within you, darlings. I have expectations for your conduct. Do not treat me casually. Do not ask me out on dates. Most importantly, do not attempt to push my limits or you will be cut off permanently.

Now, for a brief run-down of my preferred activities...

A Lexicon of Lexx:

Ball Busting



Boot/Shoe/Foot Worship

Combat Simulation

Corporal Punishment

Electrical/Medical Play

Human Furniture or Doormat


OTK Spanking

Prison Scenarios


Sadism & Torture Role-play

Scene Reenactment (Intense)

Sissy Training

Smoking & Human Ashtray Fetish

Teasing & Denial


Vampire Games

OR, if compassion is what your heart most desires...


The Softer Side of Vaudeville:


Emotional Support

Financial Domination

Glam Girl Cross-dressing

Goddess Worship & Tribute


Pampering & Relaxation

Puppy or Pony Training

Scene Reenactment (Playful)

Tickle Torture



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Mistress lexx

Week of   02/19 to 02/25


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    • Reviewed by Jeff

      Lexx is a curvy woman and really puts in the effort to make your session as great as possible.


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