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Vital stats

  • Height:

  • Size:

  • Dress Size:

    2 - 4
  • Body Type:

    Athletic - SlimThick
  • Hair Color:

  • Eye Color:

  • Shoe Size:

    5 1/2
  • Birthday:

  • Zodiac Sign:

  • Ethnic Background:

  • Languages:

    English - Spanish
  • Smoker:

Luna is a Goddess by definition, with an innate passion for pleasure

It it’s pleasure you seek, you will find it with her. Whether that pleasure is painful or painless, it is yours for the taking

Specializing in your deepest desires, i will always leave you wanting more. Be open with me and i’ll be open with you. 


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Mistress luna

Week of   03/18 to 03/24

  • Monday Week Off

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1 Review for "mistress LUNA"

  • Reviewed by Robert

    I don't want to give Luna a good review. Because if everyone knew how great she is her schedule would never be free. I shouldn't do this. I'm shooting myself in the foot. But I will. I DON'T KNOW IF I'VE EVER HAD A SESSION AS REMARKABLE AS WITH LUNA! When we talked beforehand she acted shy and somewhat intimidated. I wondered if she could handle a session with me. I've had disappointers. (is that even a word?) But come session time she was completely awesome. She accurately remembered my limits. She pushed just right to scare me and hurt me, just a 'liddle bit'. She kept telling me how much fun she was having. And it was clearly genuine. She really liked the details of my session. Where the hell did this gal come from? ...who has such raw instinct. I may end up regretting giving this review. Her schedule might get so full that I can't book with her. But I had to put it out there. Gentlemen. Try Luna. You're in safe hands. Or, maybe you're not!


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