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Mistress Maddox is here to remind you who's in charge. You are putty in her strong hands, be ready get on your knees and worship a warrior goddess

A 5'9" Hispanic Boot and heel loving tattooed and pierced brat-tamer. She's sweet at first, but is a businesswoman thru and thru. Do not come with a hint of arrogance, you'll end up regretting it..or will you?
With a love of corporal punishment and verbal degradation, she has no problem reminding you of your place-which is at her feet. Don't forget to show your devotion by kissing them!

CBT, flogging/whipping/caning, feminization, slave training are a few of her favorite things.

She'll tease you, she'll toss you around. She's got a hard spot for soft people. Accepts beginners and "newbies" to the scene, as well as any gender noncomforming people


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Mistress maddox

Week of   07/23 to 07/29

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2 Review for "mistress MADDOX"

  • Reviewed by John

    Great 5 star rating for session. Professional, felt comfortable, fun, and took her time. I look forward to having another session with her.

  • Reviewed by Steve

    Maddox is the real deal. She does not play games. When she walks in to the room, you can feel that there is a presence of authority has entered. You cannot afford to disobey her. She is powerful in every sense. She can take a dominant and turn him into a whimpering slave, that he will remain a broken slave forever. Maddox is addictive.


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