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Mistress Madison enjoys dominating sessions. Corporal, Spanking, CBT, foot and body workshipping

 Tickle torture, nipple tourture, wrestling, bondage, ball busting, humiliation, cross dressing, medical, face slapping and role play


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Mistress madison

Week of   03/19 to 03/25


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    6 Review for "mistress MADISON"

    • Reviewed by Slave

      I’ve seen Mistress Madison four times. She’s by far the most attractive Domme I’ve ever seen. She’s put me through grinding humiliation in every session. Mistress Madison takes the time to get to know you and tailor your session accordingly. She’s genuinely into it. I hope to serve this Glamazon again soon!

    • Reviewed by Vincent

      Madison definitely puts the "X" is sexy !

    • Reviewed by Larry

      Great session with Madison . Tall , attractive with a wardrobe to match . Definitely worth the hour and maybe more next time . I must add that my experience at Donatellas/ Mistress Elizabeth's has been amazing. Clean , polite with dozens of ladies to cater to every fetish , pain slut and sissy from A to Z .

    • Reviewed by The S&M Guy!

      A 2 thumbs up! If I had a third hand it be 3 thumbs up! A smoking hot Mistress wearing a smoking hot outfit . For 1 hour of bliss I had become her sissy bitch willing to do anything to please her ( employee boss role play) . Guess you could say I kept my job and got a bonus too!

    • Reviewed by Derek

      I've been to the dungeon a dozen or so times and have had a marvelous time with every visit and mistress. My most recent trip I was lucky enough to session with Mistress Madison. Damn, she's a game changer ...

    • Reviewed by charlie

      Mistress Madison is much more than just strikingly beautiful. She has a unique combination of intellect, beauty, physical power, and total confidence in the control she holds over all men. I have seen over 70 dommes over the years and I will say I have never had more fun, more sexual frustration, loving pain, and a mind altering experience like I had with Mistress Madison. She is truly special. Thank you Goddess.


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