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Specializing in reaching into the dark places of your mind and extracting a fantasy enmeshed with My twisted desires.

I am a mystical mixture of sweet and sadistic, fun and perverted, devious and creative, strange and seductive. As a domina, I derive great pleasure from opening you up and taking you deeper into your kinkiest desires, as well as guiding you through mine.


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Mistress mercedes

Week of   03/19 to 03/25


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    6 Review for "mistress MERCEDES"

    • Reviewed by allgravy80

      Wow just wow. Stunningly hot, her curves are insane, her acting skills and imagination are outstanding. The session exceeded my expectations.Thanks again Mercedes.

    • Reviewed by Jeff

      If it was up to me I think Mercedes is the hottest girl I’ve ever done a session with. She has the most amazing curves and she has the perfect balance of strict yet fun and playful attitude. She went above and beyond and I can’t wait to see her again with advanced notice for her to prepare more :)

    • Reviewed by Willie The Wimp

      Great role play session with Mistress Mercedes. She was the boss once again and put me in my place where I belong . I really can't go into detail about the session but I left feeling abused , humiliated and emasculated . Can't wait to do it again !

    • Reviewed by Chris the masochist

      Mercedes is an intoxicating mix of sensuality and cruelty. She is sweet and severe at the same time. Her eyes are gorgeous and will show you her sweet side and her cruel side. She brought me to sub space for only the third time in my life. It was memorable.

    • Reviewed by jeff

      This woman is hot as hell! She is naughty and fun! I met her briefly, She did not have what I was looking for but I cannot wait to session with her soon! Yours truly, slave Jeff the T

    • Reviewed by The S&M Guy

      Awesome Session with Mistress Mercedes! She entered the room and quickly took control of me. We started our role play as me playing the inattentive boyfriend who forgot to buy her flowers on Valentine's Day and not giving her enough attention. For that I became her dog , slave and sissy as my punishment . Next time I won't forget!


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