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I enjoy doing everything from light sensual domination to heavier corporal (depending on just how naughty my slave is), foot and body worship, trampling, bondage and discipline (including mummification), cross dressing and sissification, face slapping and spitting, human furniture and i especially enjoy medical sessions which can include piercing.

Every situation, every session, every slave is unique. We will work together to craft a fantasy that is pleasurable and satisfying for both of us.
I delight in disciplining my naughty little slaves, but everything i do is done with an innate sensuality and a strong yet feminine touch.
I will make you fall in love with me with every touch, every slap, every sensation of my open palm on your face or rear. I desire an obedient, respectful slave who is eager to please and willing to jump through some hoops and go through some necessary training to be a perfect complement to my fantasies, as well as yours...


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Mistress ruby

Week of   03/19 to 03/25


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    9 Review for "mistress RUBY"

    • Reviewed by Tom

      Ruby is a natural & very creative. Anything she does will become your new fetish. You won't regret it

    • Reviewed by The S&M Guy

      For 1 hour I had become Mistress Ruby's "Sissy Bitch" and enjoyed every minute of it!

    • Reviewed by The S&M Guy

      A great session with Mistress Ruby. Two Thumbs Up!

    • Reviewed by

      On a scale from 1 to 10 , 10 being the best ! ELEVEN!!!!!!!!!

    • Reviewed by Ron

      Ruby is a highly skilled mistress. She is creative and intelligent and knows how to make your experience just as intense as you need it to be. You can see on her face how much she is enjoying the pain and humiliation that she is meting out. On one occasion she instructed me to lift my head so that she could better see me grimace as she hit me. If you enjoy receiving a GS, be assured that she will enjoy giving it to you. This all adds immeasurably to the excitement of the experience because you will find in Ruby a partner who is sharing your experience with you in a very sensual way. If you enjoy devising your own role play scenarios as I do, you will find that Ruby is remarkably adept at absorbing all the little details you might put into your story and then at playing out her role to a tee. Bring your own toys if you want. She immediately knows how to use them to full advantage. Just as she predicted in her little bio, I have fallen in love with her with every stinging and painful touch.

    • Reviewed by Rob

      Ruby is an intuitively natural Dominant with a gift for puckish punishment that you need or desire. First meeting: She enters the room stride up to me grabs my nipples and squeezes. i fall to my knees In exquisite pain, shock admiration and love.

    • Reviewed by Happy Tony

      what can i say incredible, intense without equal just a dominant dominatrix in every sense of the word. i predict whatever your tendencies she will thrill you beyond belief. Saving my pennies every day so I can see her again.

    • Reviewed by happy tony

      Amazing - Incredible - totally in control - powerful - passionate you must see her

    • Reviewed by John

      Ruby is absolutely amazing. I always make it a point to see Her over anyone else because She is highly creative, open minded and frankly just totally kicks ass in every way. She will not disappoint!


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