Beautiful and Brilliant! Joan has her favorite activities, and a man who enjoys some or all of her favorite activities will find himself at the receiving end of her lethal charms. Corporal punishment, humiliation, bondage, prolonged and agonizing teasing and denial, forced body worship, CBT and sissy play are a few of her favorite activities..Meet Mistress Joan

Her short brunette hair, beautiful face and outrageous curves only add to her sensual nature. You will find her big brown eyes hypnotizing, and her wicked naughty girl smile will deceive you as she teases, punishes and humiliates you. She will absolutely drive you crazy. You will beg to become her slave. Katherine enjoys most aspects of S/M play. .Meet Mistress Katherine

Mistress Sakura considers herself a true sadistic temptress. She is unpredictably mischievous, drop dead gorgeous, unforgettably cruel, and everything in between. Amanda is truly a striking beauty at 5' 2". She brings with her several years of professional experience and a love for the art of domination. Sakura considers every session a fresh opportunity to discover new facets to her style and views every encounter as an exciting chance to create a " work of art". Meet Mistress Sakura

Mistress Trixieis in her late 20's and a lifestyle player who enjoys most aspects of S/M play. A self-confessed leather fetishist, Trixie's favorite activities include leather worship, all types of corporal punishment, verbal and physical humiliation, bondage, water sports, body worship and trampling to name but a few. This is one very intriguing woman!.... Meet Mistress Trixie

Savananah uses your desires for her against you, quickly using your weakness to her advantage. Your reward is up to her. She will tantalize you slowly with exact precision and torture your body as well as your mind. You will become her slave....Meet Mistress Savannah

Mistress Sascha is a hot, curvaceous and elegant Chinese Domina, blessed with toned legs and perfect size 7 feet. Sascha is experienced and enjoys most aspects of S/M play. Some of her favorite activities include prolonged spanking sessions, intense foot and leg worship, humiliation,sissy play and teasing and denial; as well as more severe punishment when deserved. This lady can best be described as the epitome of the Sexy Chinese Domina. See for yourself!
Meet Mistress Sascha

For the cynics among you who believe there are no true female dominants, it is our pleasure to introduce the beautiful and talented Karma. She is a formidable presence within our establishment, having a passionate temperament, a sharp-tongued wit, and an instinctive approach to dominance. This leather-clad exotic temptress resurrects old-school tradition with a love for the perverse.
Meet Mistress Karma

One can easily envision Judith as a strict and sexy school teacher, with paddle in hand, or perhaps a demanding and gorgeous boss just waiting to abuse and punish you for errant behavior! She expects nothing less than the best you have to give. As you kneel before her, she may ask you about past experiences
Meet Mistress Judith

One must be mindful, should you be in need of an attitude adjustment, Amber is an expert at deflating the chauvinistic ego. Pitiless humiliation will be swift, ruthless, and to say the least, humbling. She enjoys most aspects of BDSM including corporal punishment, humiliation, forced body worship and one of her favorites - orgasm control, a painless yet very effective method. In her own words Amber"enjoys applying sensual torments to the point of driving a man near wild with desire. The possibilities are endless.....
Meet Mistress Amber

This Japanese beauty has little patience for ill-trained, naughty individuals. on your best behavior to win her favor. You won't regret it! Mistress Evelyn enjoys the company of novices as well as experienced players!
Meet Mistress Evelyn

You may call our secretary at (212) 391-0600, Monday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
S/he will be happy to answer any of your questions, and
help with any specific arrangements you may request.


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