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    8 1/2
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    English - Spanish
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Latex fetishist Mistress Betty relishes in giving corporal punishment

(canes, crops, floggers, paddles, spanking, OTK, whips), findom, pet play, role play, breath play, CBT, BB, wax play, humiliation, electro play, medical play, sensory deprivation, bondage (leather, rope, mummification, plastic wrap), nipple torture, foot/boot domination, face slapping, sissy training, slave training and trampling. 

Mistress Betty is creative and enjoys discussing other kinks of interest to her well-mannered submissives.


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Mistress betty

Week of   08/03 to 08/09


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25 Review for "mistress BETTY"

  • Reviewed by Steve. T

    First off, Betty is gorgeous. I feel her photos in her profile aren’t representative of how good looking she is. She reminded me of a Hispanic Ann Hathaway. She’s truly stunning, and though she was one of the first mistresses to come in for a meet out of about 5 or 6, I knew she would be the one i would choose. She also seemed the most interested in what I was interested in, which translated in the session. She was dominating in a sensuous way. From walking me around the room by the excess string on my tied cock and balls, to flogging me while I was attached to a ceiling hook, to pouring hot wax on me while I was hooked up to a tens unit, she always kept a playful and deviant smile. She was sexy and fun and made me feel comfortable seeing as this was my first time with a mistress. Went with a 90 min session but think the next one will have to be 2 hrs. Left the dungeon and walked a few blocks in a euphoric state. I can’t wait to come back!

  • Reviewed by Richard

    Betty taught me a good lesson, by giving me a paddling and a caning . Ashley and Sabrina watched.

  • Reviewed by Raymond G

    Saw Mistress Betty for the first time today. Stunningly beautiful with piercing eyes and a terrific personality, She excelled in the role play as my Teacher. She has a nice blend of strictness and humor, and gives a heck of a paddling. If you need to be punished for your misdeeds, give her a try.

  • Reviewed by Nervous Patient

    I had a double domme session with Mistress Betty and Mistress Olivia. Both pushed me to my limits and my mind went into sensory overload. The torture was both intense and enjoyable. Thank you Mistress Betty!

  • Reviewed by Chris

    The session started with Mistress Betty restraining my hands and hooking them above my head. I stood dangling there, eyes covered, when she then proceeded to put a ball gag in mouth and I just waited for a much anticipated punishing. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to have someone both care for and hurt you. Mistress Betty does a great job of striking this balance - making me feel both extremes of pleasure and (reasonable) pain, often with each extreme happening one after the other. The anticipation of not knowing what will come next, the sweet caress of her hand or the stinging slap of that same hand is exhilarating. This is an amazing feeling that I haven’t felt with anyone else. I can’t wait until the moment I see her again....

  • Reviewed by Trapped in Pleasure

    Mistress Betty has me wrapped around her little finger. She is gentle and charming but i know she has the upper hand, training me like i am her puppet! Her voice is velvet and those red lips mesmerize me to obey and do humiliating things, and then thank Her. She drives me crazy with denial, frustration and then unpredictable surprises... but the effect is i adore her more! Help! ---Trapped in Pleasure⛓⛓⛓

  • Reviewed by Michael

    I say Betty for the first time, but hopefully not the last. Betty is beautiful and sexy, kind and warm and very sensitive to my desires, and eager to meet them. She gave me a fantastic session, and I can’t wait to see her again.

  • Reviewed by Mike

    Mistress Betty dominates with skill and a feminine allure that will leave you spell bound. If you want an unforgettable experience submit to her and you will be entranced begging for more. I think about her all day, everyday and I will prove my devotion to her.

  • Reviewed by SubspaceFriend

    It’s hard to sum up what it’s like to be in a session with Betty, but the closest I can come to describing it is that it feels like I am floating on a cloud (deep in “subspace”). She is hiding her absolutely beautiful face in the photos. She usually wears this striking reddish lipstick that’s atop a devious, but warm smile that makes me want to melt every time I see her. I have seen several girls at DD and Betty is completely unique and I feel she brings a whole different level of skill to the different ways she like to play. I have had the most amazing role play sessions (in addition to other types of BDSM play, like medical/etc) with her, where I am swept away into another world and I am left feeling amazing in a way I had never felt before seeing her. I had zero role play experience, and she made it effortless for me. She can slip into character and play damn near any type of person, which has allowed me to explore my deepest sexual fantasies. I can’t imagine someone leaving a session with her and being anything other than completely spellbound. So good luck trying to think of anything else after you have a session with her!

  • Reviewed by Ttsub

    I always enjoy my sessions with Mistress Betty. Mostly foot worship and nipple torture (my favorites) and she always finds a way with her fine Latina self to add some more pain and pleasure. Very fun sessions indeed!

  • Reviewed by Hiker

    Ms Betty is one of the best dommes I have had the pleasure of seeing over the years. She is thoughtful, takes the time to get to know your desires. She crafts a session that is both dominant and pleasing at the same time. She has a wide range of skills and activities that clearly bring her joy. I look forward to seeing her again.

  • Reviewed by Darren

    Had the pleasure of surrendering to Mistress Betty this afternoon. My request, after an hour with Mistress Anika was to serve a Mistress without meeting Her first, no introduction, and me not knowing which Mistress would be entering and taking control of me. Mistress Betty was in complete control from the second She entered, and kept me in suspense, on edge, and focused on Her desires the entire time. While her soft touch was comforting, Her words quickly stung the instance Her expectations were not met. Her bondage and CBT were a struggle to endure, but a pleasure to show Her that i could. My punishment was intense, and She made sure to push me to take it. Would be an honor and privilege to surrender to Her again

  • Reviewed by The S&M Guy!!!!

    Mistress Betty is by far the best ! Intelligent, sensual and sadistic all rolled into one. Once again a special thanks to all the lovely mistresses who participated in the group humiliation. Mistress Betty definitely exceeded my expectations and delivered exactly what I deserved!

  • Reviewed by MM

    From the beginning of the session it was clear that a good time was going to had today. The details are not important but the woman with whom I had my session is very important! I have had many scenes over the course of decades. Most are good and some not so. My scene today was wonderful. Attentive to the vibe in the room and the slow understanding of how things were going to progress, it made for a most enjoyable time. I look forward to establishing a deeper report with MB and much more fun together. If you have the chance and want to experience something unique, I would recommend a won't be disappointed.

  • Reviewed by John Broadway

    I have had a session with Mistress Betty on Saturday, and it was simply PERFECT. She was well dressed in a latex dress and boots and took command of the session the moment it began. She satisfied all of my fetishes, and I am going to see Her again. I HIGHLY recommend Mistress Becky for a WONDERFUL time. Thank you, Mistress Betty. Until we meet again.

  • Reviewed by A satisfied submissive

    I’ve had the pleasure of serving Mistress Betty many times, couldn’t be more satisfied, and hope to see her many times more. Where I started with no formal submissive experience, she firmly, yet gently, brought out the most in me, consistently taking us further so that the last few moments I spent with her were just as exhilarating as the first. Mistress Betty strikes an impressive figure with her exotic beauty and has commandingly led us through a wide variety of scenes. She has a remarkable ability of balancing a beguiling innocence with a sadistic streak and a means of gaining your trust, all in a way that will leave you wanting more.

  • Reviewed by Mike

    I have been in the scene for years and have seen many mistresses. For slightly over a year I am in the service of Mistress Betty. While she is fun and enthusiastic. Mistress Betty is also a sadist, . She is great at CBT, electro play, whipping and spanking., Betty is one of the most skilled mistresses I have had the privilege to serve. She will take control and you’ll be lost in the world she creates for you.

  • Reviewed by Owned

    Mistress Betty has been training me and it has been a wonderful experience. I cannot see her often enough! M. B's #1 slave

  • Reviewed by Ken

    I sessioned with Mistress Betty today; she took the time to understand exactly what I needed and more importantly deserved and executed it in a safe, sane and consensual manner. I’m a beginner, so needed a certain level of trust in order to be comfortable exploring new BDSM opportunities. She gave me this in abundance, and I’m sure that her experience would allow her to deliver a tailored session which would match your play level, and then some. She is also much more attractive than her photo set. This is the second visit I’ve made to this establishment, and they have a very professional set up, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to satisfy your BDSM needs!

  • Reviewed by Robert Riger

    Nurse Betty looked great in her uniform. She was very helpful with my diet and enforcing strict discipline to stay on the diet. Bi-monthly check ups ensured success. She also helped me with my embarrassing ED problem.

  • Reviewed by Mike L.

    If you want to be subtly and slowly seduced and tormented and then maybe ravaged by a beautiful, innocent, demure, mischievous, sensual, and gently cruel young woman, then Mistress Betty is the one. Mistress Betty is refined and elegant and calm, but also surprisingly deviant, so when she teases and degrades it is profoundly disturbing, humiliating....and erotic! Mistress Betty is classy and sophisticated, has model-good looks, and approaches her sessions in an artistic and hypnotic manner. Be careful: if you decide to see her you run the risk of becoming addicted, or worse, falling in love.

  • Reviewed by Mark B

    Great session! Mistress Betty is a natural domina who truly enjoys her craft. I am already captivated, Thank You!!!

  • Reviewed by Bob

    Restrained and Surrounded by darkness in a mysterious dungeon, Mistress Betty's eyes Radiated providing the only illumination. This Supreme Mistress stood just inches before me like an unopened treasure, yet eternally out of my grasp. As I awaited my punishment, her Elegance and Allure had filled me with anticipation. How would she take advantage of my vulnerability? Would I be greeted by an angel from Heaven or a

  • Reviewed by Mike

    Mistress Betty is very beautiful smart and wicked in session. She really enjoys the art of dominance, a session with her will leave you under her spell wanting more....

  • Reviewed by Role Play Maven

    Mistress Betty is a genuine person who really seems to care about the quality of her sessions. In role play, she truly stays in character and adds her own unique details to scenarios. Her captivating eyes and long, lean legs only add to her allure.

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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