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Introducing Mistress Colette, the embodiment of elegance and sadistic allure

With Her bright eyes and ravenous, crimson-lipped smile, She will see right to the heart of your most intimate desires, leaving you utterly captivated. 


From the moment your gaze meets this statuesque femme fatale, the trivialities of the world will fade away, revealing your true purpose: submitting to Her every whim. 


Mistress Colette thrives on unleashing Her creative brilliance in every session. You exist solely as Her plaything, subject to Her sadistic whims of punishment or reward. Her razor-sharp tongue leaves no room for complacency, fearlessly tearing into you for any perceived failures. 


Unleashing Her sadistic pleasures goes hand-in-hand with Mistress Colette's intellectual prowess. Holding a Master's degree, she delights in engaging in stimulating conversations as she weaves a sensual hour of tantalizing erotic tease and denial. Surrendering to Her will is not merely physical; it is an intellectual seduction that will leave you begging for more. 


Within Mistress Colette's domain, roleplay reigns supreme, providing an exquisite playground for those seeking the firm but loving embrace of a maternal figure. Littles yearning for a stern yet nurturing Mommy will find solace and discipline under her watchful eye. 


Now, the question remains: Will you prove yourself worthy of earning Mistress Colette's coveted praise? Prepare to step into her world of exquisite pleasure and wicked dominance, for your journey into submission begins now. 




-           Acts of Service 

-           Age-Play (AB/DL, MD/lb, MD/lg) 

-           Body Worshipping 

-           Bondage 

-           CBT 

-           Cross-dressing 

-           Foot Fetish 

-           Human Furniture / Ashtray 

-           Impact Play 

-           Interrogation 

-           Latex 

-           Leash Walking 

-           Leather 

-           Medical Play 

-           Nipple Torture 

-           Pet Play 

-           Praise Kink 

-           Roleplay 

-           SPH 

-           Sensory Play 

-           Sensual Domination 

-           Sissification 

-           Smothering 

-           Spanking 

-           Tease and Denial 

-           Tickling 

-           Verbal Humiliation 


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Mistress colette

Week of   09/18 to 09/24

  • Monday 5:30 pm - 1:30 am
  • Wednesday 5:30 pm - 1:30 am
  • Friday 5:30 pm - 1:30 am

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  • Reviewed by Michael

    I am the Deaf submissive who saw Mistress Colette last month. Please let her know I enjoyed our time together and hope to be back soon. Michael

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