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Vital stats

  • Height:

  • Size:

  • Dress Size:

  • Body Type:

  • Hair Color:

    Dark Brown
  • Eye Color:

    Dark Brown
  • Shoe Size:

  • Birthday:

  • Zodiac Sign:

  • Ethnic Background:

    African American
  • Languages:

  • Smoker:

tep into a world of mystery and elegance, where height is matched only by the grace of her lovely long legs that seem to stretch on for miles ahead.

A living testament to statuesque beauty, Lady Kaye embodies the essence of a powerful mistress. With each step, her captivating presence reels you in, as her enchanting height accentuates her power over you.


But it’s the journey downward that truly captivates the senses. Her legs, like a work of art, invite the gaze to travel along their smooth expanse. As you follow this irresistible path, you’ll be drawn to her beautiful size 13 feet.


For those who appreciate the finer things in life, Lady Kaye offers an unparalleled experience. A true connoisseur of elegance, she awaits those who yearn for a dominant presence that ignites the imagination and sets the stage for an unforgettable connection.


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Mistress kaye

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