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  • Height:

  • Size:

  • Dress Size:

  • Body Type:

  • Hair Color:

    Dark Brown
  • Eye Color:

    Dark Brown
  • Shoe Size:

    6 1/2
  • Birthday:

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  • Ethnic Background:

  • Languages:

  • Smoker:

Your Korean Obsession in Latex and Leather
She will watch you closely, learn what pleases you and take note of when to push your boundaries to the edge. Do not mistake her quiet assessing personality for weakness, she is merely thinking of ways to break you. 
Her stature may be small but her presence demands your attention.
Stand upon her entry into the room and greet her with respect or risk angering her. 
Mistress Ming enjoys many things including:
Foot worship
Corporal punishment
Tease and denial
Nipple torture
Impact play
Pet training 
Ball busting
Electro play
Sensory deprivation
Latex or Leather available upon request with 24 hour notice 

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Mistress ming

Week of   08/03 to 08/09


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9 Review for "mistress MING"

  • Reviewed by The S&M Guy!!!

    Yet another great session with Mistress Ming! Sadistic & sweet is the only way to describe her as she corrected and punished me for looking up ladies skirts without their permission. I think I definitely learned my lesson this time. (Or maybe not?) she definitely brought the bar to a new level when she invited some of the other mistresses in to participate in the group punishment. Always a great time seeing her and enjoying our time together!

  • Reviewed by The S&M Guy!!!!

    I’ve probably done close to a 100 sessions with Dommes at various locations throughout the NY/NJ area and Mistress Ming is definitely in the top 1%. It’s not that she’s so incredible looking but that she takes a genuine interest in your fetishes , limits and other kinky desires. Once she leaves the room and re enters it’s almost like being shot out of a cannon. She’s both sensual and sadistic and that’s what makes seeing her great. I’m probably hurting myself writing this review because now every other gimp is going to want to see her. Anyway many many thanks to The lovely Mistress Ming.

  • Reviewed by todd

    Had another session with the very beautiful Ming today. Each time I see her the session gets better and better. She knows how to control and session and bring you to your knees. She listens to what you like and dislike and then pushes your limits but never goes further than you want. cant wait till the next session

  • Reviewed by Todd

    Had a session with Ming today over the past 10 years I have seen many Mistresses and Ming was one of the best. She is very sweet with a dark side. Her legs are great in stockings. Can't wait for the next session. She will talk to before learn your likes dislikes and then pushes your limits

  • Reviewed by The S&M Guy !!!

    By far Mistress Ming is the best Domme I’ve ever sessioned with over the years. She is smart , sexy and sensual. She took a genuine interest in my requests and fetishes and delivered a truly intense session. I hope I can see her again in the near future! Many many thanks to the incredible Mistress Ming

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I had the chance to come in but looking for a more cerebral session. Was elated to finally session with Mistress Ming. We had a good meeting of the minds and I was able to share my kinkiest ideas and try a special activity with her during our session. She is open-minded and non-judgmental. Had fun in a very comfortable environment. Too bad the time flew by. Hope we have the chance again in the near future.

  • Reviewed by Kenny

    Ming might be the most gifted domme Ive ever sessioned with, and Ive been seeing dommes for 25 years. Shes experienced, incredibly sexy, sensual, andmost importantlyseems to have a deep understanding of submissive psychology and genuinely enjoys her work. As Ive aged, my libido has diminished. 

  • Reviewed by Michael

    I have seen Ming twice now and each session was paradise. Ming is beautiful, seductive, smart and so amazingly able to understand your needs and help you fulfill them. As soon as she walks in the room and captures my eyes—she is stunning—I know I’m in for an incredible hour.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I met Ming right after I met Leila. She is quite energetic and personable. Just the same as Leila she mentioned that she was not available for a session since she expected to have a client in a few minutes. I warned her that I was a major pervert and she surprised me by telling me that she was as perverted as me and felt certain that we could get along nicely just by being ourselves. As with Leila we have something in common. I didn't bring it up but perhaps we'll have the chance soon.

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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