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    Ash Brown
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    Irish French
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    English ( a Bit French & German
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I relish laughing at you & the predicaments you pay Me to experience...

It's My pleasure to use you as an instrument of My amusement & curiosity. Armed with deadly intuition, bell-curve crushing IQ, & a volatile mix of tender nurturance & sadistic tyranny, I will infiltrate your mind, claim your body, & access your innermost, secret needs. As your Omniscient OverLord, there is nothing I can't see. As your PuppetMaster I will milk your reactions from you.


Before you hand over that money, you should know it is common to get lost in an overwhelming desperation & eagerness to do anything I tell you... 


I will probe you, make you confess your shameful secrets, & mold you to My will with charm, Femme Fatale exploitation, intimidation, & force. I will break you down & rebuild you to My standards.


If you're lucky, to track your reconditioning progress, & to ensure that you meet My high expectations, I may demand regular writing assignments. 


Since the age of 3, I have been an incredibly kinky & curious person & my interests are not limited to the list below, however, I only accept the clients, kinks, fetishes, & sessions which interest & enliven Me. You may ask, but you may not receive...



■ Voyeurism (My personal slave is under 24/7 camera surveillance)

■ Psychological & Emotional Domination (Humiliation, Degradation, Mental Bondage, Gaslighting, etc.)

■ Interrogation & Verbal Domination

■ Tickle Torture

■ Face Slapping

■ OTK Spanking

■ Ballkicking

■ Roleplay (Therapist/Client, Sadistic Doctor/patient, try Me...)

■ Light Smoking Play

■ Golden Opportunities

■ Light Breathplay

■ Supervised Masturbati0n

■ Transformative & Therapeutic Kink; Conscious Kink; Shamanic Roleplay


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Mistress veela

Week of   09/18 to 09/24


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2 Review for "mistress VEELA"

  • Reviewed by Jay

    Have never met a beautiful domme so intensely concerned and successful at connecting and creating exactly what I'm looking for. Add to that perfected mental and physical skills, and you have a great session you walk around thinking about for days. Can't wait for next time.

  • Reviewed by Michael h.

    Just left a review but bc I was on the subway the page refreshed and my review was gone. Okay, I’ll just leave a better one then! So I’m usually skeptical about opting for a “new” mistress bc despite the pre session convo, you can never be certain how it’s going to go. Sessioning with her was absolutely EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD! I dream of these sessions and always have over the top expectations. Sessions typically meet them but are never this freaking good. EVER! She absolutely crushed it! Everything I asked was done to perfection! The OTK spanking oh my! I genuinely feel that she was enjoying it too which made it all the more better! And those eyes! She’s gorgeous!!! Her seductive voice and her demeanor OMG was that even real! You know what’s funny, the second she walked in, I knew she was the one! I just felt it! Finding her was BETTER than winning the lottery! Yes I said it! She’s amazing and would def session with her again but maybe next time throw in a few more twists here and there just to mix things up. I can’t wait! Before falling asleep I’m going to dream every night about what took place!

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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