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    Medium Frame
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    8 1/2
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I will push you to your limits ranging in play from sensual to sadistic. I enjoy preforming tease and denial, spanking, humiliation, corporal punishment, face slapping nipple torture and more.

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Mistress charly

Week of   03/19 to 03/25


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    2 Review for "mistress CHARLY"

    • Reviewed by Rusty

      Mistress Charly is a very attentive and smart domme that happens to be *really* good looking. Her pictures on the site are hard to decode - but trust me, she is tall and truly gorgeous. Pre session discussions revealed a smart and down to earth person. During the session, she became a powerful Goddess wielding absolute authority. I melted at her feet in pure ecstasy while she was staring down at me with her gorgeous brown eyes. Just with her gaze, she was laying down the law, establishing who is the alpha in the room, and inducing in me a compulsive and total devotion to her - fueled by just the right dose of fear. Something about her naturally pouty mouth made me feel like I pushing myself and and working extra hard to do her bidding. There was no screaming, no insults, no swearing...she had full control without expending much energy. I felt an intense connection to her throughout the session - that sensation where time stands still and everything is more real than everyday life... She understood exactly what I needed and gave it to me. So great was that first session that I booked another one with her just a few weeks later (seriously folks, I was initially going to do this a couple of months later - but I couldn’t hold it) - and I got the same rush. I will definitely be seeing her again, although I have a feeling she will get harder to book once more people get addicted to her!

    • Reviewed by Jeff

      I love mistress Charly she provided an awesome session and met al my needs and more. I can't wait to see her again! Pictures don't do her justice she is strikingly beautiful, tall and curvy in all the right places


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