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    Hispanic - Black - European
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Come and play. Be my slave and serve me at every beck and call.

Surrender your body and mind to me. Disengage from the world and voluntarily submit yourself into mine. Your mistress excepts you for all of your fixations and desires and in return be a subject of my obsessions. I find enjoyment in restraining you and other things.

I savor nipple-torture, medical play, role play, humiliation, facesitting, all forms of sensory deprivation, candle play, and boxing. I love to give it and I love forcing you to take it. 


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Mistress cizzy

Week of   04/16 to 04/22

  • Friday 3:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Sunday 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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2 Review for "mistress CIZZY"

  • Reviewed by Rober

    I've had good experiences and bad with some of the Dommes at Donatella Den. On Saturday, April 14, I gave Cizzy a try. I've always found her pictures appealing and loved her bio. Nothing like a beautiful Domme forcing me to take it. She met me with a big friendly smile. I let her know how I would like the session to go. She let me know she loved my scenario. She had a new Domme in training join us, Mistress Mystique. Together they tied me up helpless, as requested, and profoundly took advantage of me. They had quite a good time doing so, without beating me senseless or pinching me real hard. Just enough to make to beg, and make me submit to them, just as I asked. In past two Dommes in the same room has always been a nightmare for me, and I didn't even think it through before saying yes to her request. If I had thought it through I would have said no. But I'm glad I wasn't thinking that night. I had a wonderful experience. Thank you two lovely Dommes for such a good time. From You-No-Who

  • Reviewed by Charles D-Boy

    I can honestly say, my session with Mistress Cizzy was one of the best--if not THE BEST session I've had at Donatella Den! Dispite being new to The Den, Mistress Cizzy brings to a session a combination of Fun, Elegance, and Sophistication all her own---qualities you would expect from a skilled Mistress---and more! But make no mistake about it---boundaries are strictly enforced. So by all means, give her the respect she earned and deserves. Donatella Den puts Cizzy in high esteem! And after just one session with her---you will too. --Charles aka D-Boy


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