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    Dark Brown
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    English - Spanish
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I am mistress Kiara and I am ready to play! When a good sub cooperates I can make their desires become a reality

It can range from aggressive play that involves spanking, flogging, humiliation, CBT or even electrical play. To super sweet and sensual ice, feather, wax play and even tickling! I enjoy nipple torture, light switching, body worship of all kinds, corporal punishment, human furniture and ignoring. 

There's plenty more that I can do, just ask and I'll let you know. If you want something I don't know I'm always willing to train and try new things out as well. Come by and say hello, I don't bite ... that hard and I'm always up for some fun, are you?


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Mistress kiara

Week of   03/19 to 03/25


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    • Reviewed by Richard

      I had the opportunity to visit Kiara late on a recent evening and found her to be a remarkable play partner. What I enjoy most is the session dynamic and chemistry during play. A challenge that much harder in a first session with a new client. I was very impressed with Kiara's ability to decipher my desires and to tailor her approach to be simultaneously engaging and threatening as she drew me in with warmth and interest to only then amuse herself with sadistic torments. As a canvas for her candle droppings, her laughs and encouragement made each a valuable personal touch. A torment seemingly relieved only to be amplified by ice. Her casual use of clever games created opportunities for her to wield her paddle or other instrument with increasing intensity with no sense of malice. That coupled with an intoxicating laugh and captivating smile created A dynamic where losing the game seemed like winning, at least for those parts of my body not being tested. I found Kiara to be the perfect blend of sensuality and sadism during our session. A beautiful woman, with an engaging warmth, that easily drives a willing sub to become a veritable masochist for her amusement and pleasure.


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