Meet Mistress OPHELIA

Vital stats

  • Height:

  • Size:

  • Dress Size:

  • Body Type:

    Lean Athetic
  • Hair Color:

    Dark Brown
  • Eye Color:

    Dark Brown
  • Shoe Size:

    6 1/2
  • Birthday:

  • Zodiac Sign:

  • Ethnic Background:

    East Asian
  • Languages:

    English - Korean
  • Smoker:

Ophelia is a sweet, playful, and intuitive mistress. You will be surprised by her strength and beauty.

Though small-framed, she possesses tremendous control and power. She is easygoing and bright, but will not let it overshadow her donimance.


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Mistress ophelia

Week of   04/16 to 04/22

  • Monday 5:30 pm - 1:30 am
  • Tuesday 5:30 pm - 1:30 am
  • Thursday 10:30 am - 5:30 pm

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3 Review for "mistress OPHELIA"

  • Reviewed by Leatherface

    I must say Mistress Ophelia is very sadistic but in a sensual way. I found myself bound and helpless during my 1 hour of bliss as she tortured and abused my manhood . Or what’s left of it. I left DD’s abused , humiliated and drained but can’t wait to recharge and go back for more. Be careful though , the wrath of Mistress Ophelia can be very addictive.

  • Reviewed by Eric

    Ophelia is a genuine and intuitive young woman. I enjoy being punished by someone likable , gentle and communicative rather than mean spirited. Our scene was believable and thrilling.

  • Reviewed by The S&M Guy!!!!

    Well another trip DD’s and wow was I in for it this time. After meeting and discussing my session with several ladies( wish I could pick them all! ) I picked Mistress Ophelia. We started our session with a boss employee role play with me being subject to her punishment for insubordination. I must say this petite , powerful lady packs a mean punch. Just be careful because no safe word exists when she’s the boss . Luckily I got to keep my job .


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