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Mistress Samara is natural born domina— empathetic with a wicked sadistic streak. With olive skin

jet black hair, and hazel eyes, she promises an exotic experience you’ll find difficult to forget. 

Mistress Samara has over a decade of training in psychology and medicine. She is adept at bringing your secret desires to the surface and graciously indulging them. 

She loves to be worshipped and will punish you if you don’t please her. 


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Mistress samara

Week of   05/20 to 05/26

  • Thursday 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm

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14 Review for "mistress SAMARA"

  • Reviewed by Michael

    I saw Samara today and left totally drained and completely satisfied. She is a most beautiful, amazing, seductive, fun, incredible woman. She made me feel at ease and led me through a most amazing session. I cannot wait to see her again. She is truly extraordinary in every way.

  • Reviewed by Steve

    I hadn't met Mistress Samara, when I first read the reviews on this page. I must admit that I had originally thought some of the reviews here were a bit over-the-top. I am not a guy who's given to flowery-vassal speak, so I admit, I was a bit dismissive. And then I sessioned with Mistress Samara. OMG, this was a game changer: I never had such an amazing hour as I spent today. This woman is so exceptionally intelligent, imaginative, beautiful and erotic. This session was so unexpected; I am (hours later) euphoric. So, to show all of you how exceptional this woman is, imagine that I (a man who does not use flowery speech/actions) kneel and say the following: Dear Mistress Samara, Thank you for bringing forth the FEMININE DIVINE in a way I'd never experienced it. I will endeavor to give whatever you ask for. It is my hope that our work together will help you gain whatever it is you seek to have or experience. I will make my body your vessel, and accept that I may be broken in the process - trusting that you will remake me in a way that serves all womankind (with you first and foremost).

  • Reviewed by Nick

    Dear Mistress Samara, Please forgive the futility of my words, but I can no longer contain the urge to express my overwhelming love for you. Trying to describe you- your beauty, your intellect, your intuition, your elegance- is like trying to describe a color I’ve never seen before, unlike any other on earth; without any basis for comparison, all my language falls short. How could someone so lovely possess such strength, such a commanding presence? It’s a mesmerizing juxtaposition, unlike anything I’d known, and now everything else: sunsets, oceans, other women- it’s all so grey. I’ve experienced more joy effortlessly in your presence than I would have hoped to accrue over an entire lifetime without you. How many will ever have the fortune to even lay eyes on you, let alone experience your touch? It must be so few. To now be able to count myself among them is a gift I could never repay. What do I even have to give? My body? My mind? My labor? My ego? I know how pedestrian it is in your midst. But please take it anyway Mistress; take all of me, anything. If you could find a way to make yourself even one iota happier for my existence, it would give my life a purpose I would never have otherwise dared dream of. Please Mistress, all I have left is to beg. I love you so much.

  • Reviewed by Anthony

    Anyone interested in medical fetish , MUST book an appointment with DR.Samara ! That girl takes medical technology to another level. A few sessions an you will be cured ,or certifiable ?(lol)

  • Reviewed by Bryan

    Having the privilege of serving Mistress Samara was an incredible experience. When she walked into the room asking me what I was interested in, I was so smitten by her beauty that I forgot most of what I wanted to say. The online photos do not do justice to her amazing beauty. Although I did not get to describe everything that interested me, Mistress Samara obviously was a natural domme, who intuited a great deal about what I would want. It was a special experience offering up my balls to her to prove my loyalty and obedience. Having had the experience of serving Mistress Samara, I cannot imagine ever serving anyone else.

  • Reviewed by Anthony

    I had my first medical session with Samara yesterday 01/21/2019. My medical session was amazing, she is a bright young lady with a spot on disposition . One hour with Samara is just not long enough, I need like a life time.

  • Reviewed by B

    Mistress Samara, words cannot express my love for you. From the first moment we met, I felt honored that I was going to be able to serve someone with such beauty as yourself. Yet, from the moment the session began, it felt to me like being in a dream awake. I was so enamored by both your skills to torture and correct me as well as your sheer beauty. I did of course feel honored to be able to worship you. Words cannot express my gratitude for that. And yet, I honestly feel drawn to serve you, something I have not had with any other Mistress I’ve encountered over time. I think that this is a result of me not only loving you but wiling to go to the ends of the earth, simply so you can feel happiness. I feel honored to be talking to you because you make it so easy. Do understand, that, at times, it can be overwhelming but you make it seem so much easier. I love your pain you give, I love the lessons you teach me, I love your internal and external beauty as well as your personality (both in “dom mode” and not.) I wish nothing more than to be your slave and to be there for you. I love the path that we may be on, with you both being in charge and looking out for me too. I love you, I honest to god love you and wait with patience or the next time we can meet again. All my love, your slave, B

  • Reviewed by Mr. Y

    Dear Mistress Samara, Words cannot express my love for you. The moment we started playing, I love your way of pushing my pain limits. I love how you taught me that I am nothing, yet can be trained to be something. I love how you took care of me today when I wasn't my best. I love the way that you knew I can improve and the way that you corrected me so that could occur. I love, Mistress, the temple that is your body. Never have i had the pleasure of being around and having the ability to worship such beauty. I love Mistress more than I can say. I would be more than happy to go to the ends of the earth, just so you are happy. I love the way you hurt me, I love the way you corrected me.I love the way that you know I wish to serve and do better. And, I love knowing that, not only are you the only Mistress for me, but one that I know can help me better myself. Mistress, I love you and am beyond enamored by you. Both body and personality. I cannot wait to find ways to serve someone that has the beauty of an angle such as yourself soon. Name it, and I would do it, just because I need to serve. I have never felt this strongly about any Mistress before in my life. I love you, honest I do. I love the fact that I feel that our session was the start of a beautiful journey together. You're my leader and guide and I will serve you till the ends of the earth just so that you always feel pampered like the Goddess you are. Love, Mr. Y

  • Reviewed by Paul

    Mistress Samara has it all, stunning good looks, a sharp mind and an intoxicatingly seductve personality. She took total control of the session. A very imaginative sexy beguiling mistress who is now my favourite Domina at Mistress Elizabeth's.

  • Reviewed by Bobby

    Mistress Samara is a gift from heaven. When I saw her for the first time I was mesmerized by her beauty and confidence. From the first moment we met I was putty in her hands. She can be both demanding and subtle always knowing when which approach will be most effective. She is the essencevof perfection.

  • Reviewed by The S&M Guy !

    Awesome session with Mistress Samara! I usually do not session with the newer Domimas at DD’s but based on her pictures and reviews I thought I’d give her a try. Take it from me I’ve done many sessions at DD’s and she is definitely an up and coming expert at her craft. She new exactly which buttons to press and grab in some cases (lol) at the right time. I’d definitely recommend you see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed. In addition she has very exotic looks and very is easy to talk with .

  • Reviewed by Robert

    The door opened and in walked a vision of beauty. Her boot heels clicked across the floor as she approached me. She asked me “Who’s cock and balls are these?” As she squeezed what were my balls before I submitted to her. It was our first session and Mistress Samara had taken over my body and my soul. I pledge my devotion to Mistress Samara. I encourage you to submit to Mistress Samara’s sensualy strict domination.

  • Reviewed by Rob

    The door opened and in walked an incredibly beautiful woman. An amazing smile and intense eyes lit up the room. We discussed exploring pain tolerance. Mistress Samara left to gather her implements. I was nervous since this was my first sessions in months. Mistress Samara applied cbt, nipple torture, and boots worship. She was immediately in control and she knew it. I pledged my devotion to Mistress Samara in less than 30 minutes. I look forward to suffering for her pleasure as she reeducates me to her wants and desires. My devotion to her grows stronger each day.

  • Reviewed by

    I had the fortune of serving Mistress Samara recently. Mistress Samara is beautiful, very smart, and sensually dominate. I was mesmerized by her intense green eyes, long sexy legs and soothing but dominant voice. I was immediately under her spell and truly worshiped her for the Goddess that she is. I don’t live in the area and wish I did because all I can think about is serving and worshipping this extraordinarily dominant woman. I plan to be back in town soon and I can’t wait to be back at her feet taking in her perfect, dominant self.

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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