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Mistress Six is a petite blonde bombshell of a lifestyle Domme

in Her 30s with well over 10 years of experience in the BDSM world.

Her beauty and elegance will bring you to your knees, ready to serve Her every desire, and remain in your fantasies for days to follow.  You will see, She is both strict and sensual in Her approach and respects your limits while simultaneously pushing them.  She enjoys sessioning with both individuals and couples alike.

Rest assured, your behavior will be sternly observed and corrected at all times in Her presence.  She prefers order over chaos and is quite capable of corporal punishment and humiliation when she deems it necessary.

Mistress Six also enjoys lighter feminization, tickling and foot worship sessions, as well as fantasy and semi-competitive boxing/wrestling (She is trained in Muay Thai).  She especially loves latex fetishists and is fully experienced in every aspect of light to heavy medical scenes - inquire for more information.


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Mistress six

Week of   08/03 to 08/09


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8 Review for "mistress SIX"

  • Reviewed by Mario

    Hello. May I know when it will be safe to come and serve You ? I would like to come with gifts too ! Lol

  • Reviewed by K

    Honestly, the world has been shut down for four months now and I think about Mistress Six every day. She’s literally the best. A wonderful beautiful soul inside and out.

  • Reviewed by George & Pepper

    My wife and I engaged Mistress Six to help guide us through an adventurous 15th wedding anniversary experience...and she DID NOT DISAPPOINT! The four hours we spent with her felt like a mere 30 minutes...of fun! We considered the evening a tremendous success because of Mistress Six's professionalism/experience and the cleanliness/privacy of the facilities. DD/MS both have our strong recommendation.

  • Reviewed by Sub James

    My session with Mistress Six was nothing short of magnificent. From the moment the session began she was completely in control of my mind and body. I found myself releasing total control and trusting her as she dug her spiked heels into my manhood. She destroyed my masculinity in a way that was so brutal and intense yet at the same time warm and safe. My emotions ranged from tearing up in defeat underneath her feet to begging her for more pain. I am amazed at the power Mistress Six exudes and she is a true gem of a Mistress. I cant wait to surrender to her again.

  • Reviewed by K

    After two sessions, I am in love with mistress six. She is unlikely anyone I’ve ever met. Would suffer and die to be in her presence.

  • Reviewed by Anonymous

    I was fortunate enough to serve Goddess Six, and to submit as Her little pet. Seeing Her in person, Goddess Six is far more beautiful then even her pictures suggest. She wore a black, low cut dress that clung to Her body from breast to upper thigh. Shiny, Her dress hinted at every contour, without revealing Her full body - She was the image of dominance. At first glance up at Her from my knees I wanted badly to be Her property. That night She owned me, forcing me to Her will, and correcting any act of insubordination. This evening Her instrument of choice was a flogger clasped between Her petite latex gloved hands. I spent the session in a mix of awe, pain and delight, crawling, begging and doing my utmost to please Goddess Six as Her obedient pet. Writing about our session later, feeling my discipled, punished ass, I continue to feel the powerful desire to become Her proper pet, trained fully by Her, as Her owned property.

  • Reviewed by ttsub

    Mistress Six was amazing. She definitely corrected me for skipping numbers as she gave my Black butt a good spanking. And for body worship kisses without her approval and not polishing her amazing latex outfit 100% clean. I was in heaven as her chocolate submissive (hot white women, yummy) and definitely enjoyed the interracial aspect as usual. Overall, she is a very down to earth human being and a beautiful and sexy woman. It is indeed a pleasure to be at her feet

  • Reviewed by anthony

    Mistress Six has a big personality in a little package. Don't let that little package fool you - she is an experienced domina with the ability to suck you in right away. In our session, she elegantly tortured my nipples until any little touch made me gasp in pleasure and pain simultaneously. We connected right away and I was under her spell.

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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