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Hello my little darlings, get ready to bow down to your Supreme

Demanding and strict yet sensual and seductive. I am elegant yet kinky with a sadistic dark side. I only accept subjects that are eager and willing to please and serve and grow past their limits. My lovely petite figure and incredible imagination will have you lost in every scene, turning fantasy into reality. Entering your mind and soul and gaining control of your body, serving me will become a second nature. Get ready to be left weak, powerless on your little knees begging for more!


Some of my favorite things are but not limited to ...

-Role play




-Slave training

-Body worship

-Foot/Shoe worship

-Wax play

-Force Bi

-Cross dressing


-Tease and denial

-Nipple play


and more...


Get ready to serve!


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Mistress x

Week of   08/03 to 08/09


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14 Review for "mistress X"

  • Reviewed by Jon

    From all the reviews i would truly love to session with x planning mine soon

  • Reviewed by Peter

    Mistress X is amazing, a small, beautiful powerhouse of kinky creativity. When we met, pre-session, I told her I was interested in a session involving a creative roleplay. Her eyes lit up, and she said “Yes!” like she had already won. “I LOVE roleplay,” she told me. Then I told her I wanted the roleplay to result in her wrestling me into submission. She told me she wrestles a little, but isn’t really experienced at it. It turns out she was very accurate, understated in fact, about her gift for role play. We established a scenario loosely, and she totally committed to it. She went DEEP, improvising brilliantly within the parameters I set. (Apart from basic plot points, I expressed that I wasn’t into significant pain, or verbal humiliation coming from a place of anger. I said that I wanted the overall energy of the session to be playful. I said I wanted to be toyed with and dominated, not damaged and despised. Mistress X totally got it. About the wrestling, she sold herself severely short. I mean, she’s nearly a foot shorter than me, but the woman is STRONG. Turns out, she comes from a gymnastics background, which I’m sure explains her surprising strength. But she also has a feel for wrestling, and she whupped my ass. Playfully, but fair and square. Losing has never been so much fun! Thank you, Mistress X, for a wonderful, memorable session.

  • Reviewed by Pete

    X is a beautiful mistress with great skills like CBT, and etc. She takes good control in a domination session and very fun too.

  • Reviewed by Ron

    I found Mistress X to be imaginative, intuitive, open-minded and responsive to my needs. She is sweet and easy to talk to, which enhanced my trust in her and allowed me to really go into the “sub” zone and to give my body over to her while trusting that she could and would take me to the very edge of my limits while taking care of me. It doesn't hurt, either, that she has a stunning body. I have sessioned with many of the dommes at DD and, in my opinion, X is absolutely the best.

  • Reviewed by Ttsub

    Had a great session with X. It was a switch session(I was the sub first and then the Dom), it was a great sensual session. And X is very beautiful, down to earth and just a very nice fun human being. Really enjoyed it for sure!

  • Reviewed by Jay

    I have had the best and amazing sessions with Mistress X. She is simply marvellous. She really understands you and pushes your limit slowly and gradually. I will definitely recommend a session with her whether you are novice or been in this for a long time. Her style is just eloquent.

  • Reviewed by Piggy J

    Wow another great session with the Supreme X! I literally went to bed dreaming of how she took my ass and thinking about my punishments for walking in her presence instead of crawling! Unbelievably Gorgeous Mistress created another session to remember! Thank You Supreme

  • Reviewed by svetlana

    Yowzer! WOW! WOW! WOW!! After having visited and played in many other dungeons over the past few decades, i decided to visit a dungeon that i had never visited before .... and what a wonderful decision it was. To start, i made an appointment and was able to book a session of fun about an hour later. When i arrived and exited the elevator, it looked like i was about to enter a castle! i was greeted and brought into a pleasant looking room where i filled out some paperwork listing my likes and dislikes so that the potential Dominant would hopefully be a good match with me. After filling out the paper work, i was introduced to only two Mistresses (as so many others were in session). But that really didn’t matter, because if i had only been introduced to one ... and if that One was the One that i chose, then that would have been enough. i chose ‘X’ to session with, and THAT decision proved to lead to an absolutely, incredible, exciting, wonderful, fun-filled session for this submissive!!! For my first ten minutes, i was treated to a very, very, special treat but that will be a secret between ‘X’ and myself and samantha. Yes, it was heaven. After those first ten minutes, ‘X’ proved to me that she was an exceptional Dominant and knew how to deal with a submissive sissy slut. i even think that i introduced ‘X’ to something new to her when i wanted dessert - which was the piece of chocolate cake that i brought with me. ‘X’ was very willing the remove her shoes ... and she proceeded to stop on that chocolate cake and had me eat it ... lick it ... devour it ... right off of her bare feet, making sure that I left her feet ‘free of chocolate’ from her heel, soles, toes, and even in between her perfect toes!!!! Yes, i was in heaven!!! i look forward to meeting ‘X’ again in the near future. There were plenty of items on my ‘to do’ list they we didn’t have time for .... and ‘X’ was definitely interested in seeing and using many on the items that i brought with me and those things that i didn’t bring with me’ As that famous actor/governor says, “I’ll be back”

  • Reviewed by K

    Mistress X was amazing, she is one of the kind. I’ll always dream of worshiping her boot and feet. She knows what to do and she will always push you to the limit. Supreme X is the true goddess. She is open and will make sure you enjoy every second of the time. Supreme X will never rush.

  • Reviewed by Goody

    “A Star is Born” - X is a poised,sophisticated,smart Dom who enjoys the scene and is far more beautiful than her photos. Open minded and has a fabulous edge to her play. I’ve seen her twice and can’t wait to see her again. Great experiences and the best new Dom I’ve seen in years. Also worth noting is that Donatella’s has matured with time and has become an awesome venue.

  • Reviewed by Anders

    What an fantastic session, way over my highest expectation...X was so soft while in control at all time, she made me feel so relaxed so I could let her take full control over my body and soul, it was truly amazing can't wait to visit her again! A true Domme that makes your deepest fantasies come true!

  • Reviewed by Argyle

    I was captivated by Mistress X the moment I met her in our pre-session. Indeed, she proved to be the consummate BDSM partner. Sensual and seductive indeed, just as her little bio says. Mistress X isn’t the tough-talking, threatening domme type. Rather, she’s the caring mistress who talks soothingly while disciplining you for your own good and while deriving tremendous pleasure from seeing how your body reacts to the pain that she administers so expertly. Minute by minute as we played out the story we had discussed in pre-session, Mistress stayed tuned into my body, giving me just the amount of pain that I needed and intuitively discovering things that I really, really liked even though we hadn’t discussed them ahead of time. It felt like a choreographed dance that we must have rehearsed in another life.

  • Reviewed by eric

    Very pretty and listens well. Recent session was superb. X is an intuitive mistress who provided me with a perfect and comfortable BDSM experience.

  • Reviewed by Jerry

    I met Ms. X for the first time and was very happy to meet her. She looks so much like a young lady that I keep company with and seems to be much more open minded than her. She is very sweet and lovely. She is open to try intense corporal with me in the near future and I am totally captivated by her and will suffer for her loveliness.

DISCLAIMER: I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no sex being offered. Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.


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